Dog Park

Welcome to the Dog Park – every good Neighborhood needs a place where our furry friends can frolic!

This section is a followup to the “Dog Breeds” section in my how-to book, “Dogs”. There was no way to fit all the beloved breeds into a 50 page book, so this was my solution – a place in the Neighborhood for additional how-to downloadable projects, one breed at a time! I figure it’ll take awhile, but I believe no breed should be left behind. hee hee

These projects are intended to continue where the book left off, from “generic” dog basics to these breed-specific tricks to help you make your own special canine.

Some projects are realistic, some are stylized, some almost cartoony. Most of the time the how-to will be just the head (the Dogs book goes over bodies pretty well), and they are all simple adaptations from the basic “dog” head in the book.

Ok, so don’t worry, more breeds will be added continuously! (and if you think i might miss your favorite, just drop me a line:

Ok, so, bow wow! have fun with these!

Scottish Terrier Schnauzer poodle German Shepherd
chow chihuahua bloodhound afghan
shetland sheepdog