artist spotlights

I love to share the work of other artists with you.  People that I think will inspire your creativity.   Some of these are artists currently working in polymer and other media, others are no longer alive, but their work lives forever.

Click on the icon to see more about each artist and their creations.

      Patrice Pfeiffer      Katie Oskin   Ray Friesen   Ben Muti   Leslie Blackford   Jenny Darchuk-Sorensen   Ron Lehocky   Michelle Harshberger   Melissa Terlizzi   Mami Kelly   Kelly Russell   Ginger Davis Allman   Eugena Topina   Stacey Peterson   Debbie Crothers   Katie Oskin   B'Sue Lansdowne   Maureen Carlson   Ellen Jewett   Brenda Schweder   Valeria Myrusso   James Corbett   Michihiro Matsuoko   Rene Lalique   Honore Daumier