What is Christi’s Creative Neighborhood?

It’s a cozy block where all crafters and artists can share! Christi will share projects and the know-how, and you can share your knowledge and experiences! We hope moving into the neighborhood will encourage your artistic journey!

Get the Early Bird Special! You will not be charged until the Creative Neighborhood launches on February 1, 2015! All you early birds will get a special price of $19.99 per month, while the later birds will pay $24.99… so don’t miss out!

So what are all the sweet perks a paid membership gives you?

• Monthly projects, tips and techniques!
• Chat time with Christi!
• Online class and product discounts!
• Exclusive goodies!
• Product giveaways and surprises!
• Virtual hangouts with Christi and some of her artist friends!
& and much, much, MUCH more …